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Pre-DragonCon notes

Just a few little... well, pre-DragonCon notes.

  • My very next entry (which I may end up writing from DragonCon- hey, a few years ago I found time there to write my thoughts on a certain TV show's developments at the time, you never know) will be a combined report for both Katsucon and Otakon. Yes, I'm just now writing about Katsucon, which was in February. I had my reasons, though the pun in the title I came up with for a combined Katsu/Otakon report (likely to be split in two with one immediately following the other) was actually not one of them. But my experiences at each con were such that the pun was just too good to pass up.

  • Whether or not I elaborate on any of these later, in the interest of fending off a potential barrage of "did you hear about this" and "did you hear about that" (or "didyahears" for short), yes, I know all about the new "Harry Potter" book/play, prequel movie, forthcoming additional books about other characters in the series, etc. I know all about the latest cast brouhaha regarding (the sadly being dragged out for yet another beyond superfluous season renewed) "Criminal Minds" both as of recent events and towards the end of last season. I know "Wreck-it Ralph" is getting a sequel. I know about the Disney animated movie that came out this past spring and what everyone and their [insert relative here] has been saying about it. And until/unless I do elaborate on these things in later (read: after DragonCon if at all) entries, I do not wish to talk about them; let's just leave it at that.

  • If the "memories" feature on That Other Site has taught me anything in recent weeks/days, I really need to update my "future costumes" gallery- and the "existing costumes" one for that matter. A couple need to be moved from the former to the latter, I'm no longer interested in some that haven't come to fruition, and I'm permanently retiring some existing ones.

  • Speaking of That Other Site, after hearing about the aforementioned new HP book for the umpteenth too many time I made a post stating "For everyone's information, the teenage(?) magic user who currently has my heart has *brown* eyes, his messy hair is *silvery-white* instead of black, and his name ain't Harry." I was referring to Robin, of course, but deleted the post when I remembered that somewhere on somebody's playthough of "Fire Emblem: Awakening", "Robin" probably does have black hair and is named "Harry" (odds of that only increasing if someone's a Potterhead (don't look at me, I didn't come up with that name!) and has a copy of the game). (The brown eyes are the one thing about Robin that absolutely cannot be changed, though.) Not to mention one of Robin's palette swaps in "Smash 4" has black hair (and this one's still the male version, too).

  • Also on That Other Site, I made a post about going on a shopping trip and forgetting my phone. Well, as I said there things turned out okay as far as that, but during said shopping trip I found that one of the GameStops in that strip mall (there are two; one used to be and still has signage for EB Games, but GameStop bought out EB yet both stores in that strip are still operational, go figure) had a copy of "Fire Emblem: Awakening". That I bought it goes without saying, thus my downward spiral into the FE:A abyss continues. Don't think actually playing the game will change how I feel about Robin (male or female) and probably not Lucina either, but my opinions on other characters based solely on research may very well change.

  • If anyone has any concerns about any pairing (or "shipping") preferences for whatever reason, keep in mind that I ship a teenage girl with a greedy, unattractive dude much older than her- and I actually ship two such pairings, the other being Wario/Mona from the "WarioWare" series (and, yes, worth noting that in both cases the teenage girl canonically has a crush on the greedy unattractive older man). Also, for what this may be worth there's been a sudden and major increase in Chrobin- sorry, Robin/Chrom- fan art, fanfics, and music videos in my browser's bookmarks though I only very recently (see above) acquired the game they're from and started shipping it based solely on my research of both characters (especially Chrom).

So... yeah. This is my "annual pre-DragonCon quick post" for 2016.