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Of short months and short-tempered laptops

I wanted to write what I promised, I really, truly, absolutely swear-to-gods did. My darling laptop, however, had other ideas. It's not dead but all month has decided to remind me that I don't just call it "Vanellope" out of love for the character. It (she?) seems to be fully functioning again now, but the time lost to the screen going dark and not coming back on, the screen remaining very dim if not completely dark while the rest of the machine was clearly working, not shutting down or going into "sleep" mode when it was supposed to, the touchpad acting up, the optical USB mouse I'd bought for just such a situation as that last one dying completely (though it has been replaced), and never knowing when or if any or a combination of all those things would happen is, well, lost. I will still write that combined con report for Katsucon and Otakon, though, along with (you knew it was coming) the fifth and hopefully final installment of "What's On My Mind About 'Criminal Minds'", and not necessarily in that order. (Incidentally, for those who follow me on That Other Site, that was the show whose reruns (from season four to be exact) I chose to watch over what everyone else likely was at the time- or as I referred to it, "two of the worst people on the planet blow[ing] smoke at each other"- deciding I'd rather be overcome with nostalgia than rage.)

As for DragonCon, well. to be honest I really don't have a full report for this year. Don't get me wrong, I didn't have a bad time, I'm glad I went, I just... well, I don't write reports for every event I attend regardless of how I feel about them and in all honesty am not sure how DragonCon reports on here got to be an "annual tradition" anyway. Though suffice it to say that DragonCon, and various other points in this whole month, seemed to be all about reminding why I even liked certain things I once loved but seem to at best have a love-hate relationship with these days in the first place.

Oh yes, and I'm considering starting up a "sister" blog, and when/if i do so will make a preview post here as well as a link.