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Cheerio and bon voyage

It appears I again overestimated how much time I really had in the month and before my next big adventure, so despite being all set to write the second half of my trip report from last year (or at least the first "chapter" thereof- all or part of the first cruise day depending on how image-heavy it ended up), I'm going to announce the aforementioned next big adventure (don't worry, I'll still finish writing up last year's big trip, pics and all, when I come back).

Those who follow me on That Other Site likely know of my habit of changing my profile pic depending on the time of year/upcoming events and noticed I did not use a Thanksgiving icon. Thing is, this year I'm not really celebrating Thanksgiving at all, and for reasons that have nothing to do with any sociopolitical anything. I won't even be in the country.

I'm going on a week-long trip to England, Scotland and France with my dad, stepmom, and little sister (a.k.a. my travel companions from my first Disney cruise back in 2006, though my brother won't be with us this time).

No, this wasn't suddenly sprung on me, it's been planned for months and I knew all about it; I just kept quiet. Anyways...

  • We will be doing basic tours/trying to at least hit all the main highlights in London and Paris like Westminister Abbey, the Eiffel Tower, and all that.

  • We will also be spending one night in a Scottish castle-turned-hotel (staying in regular hotels the rest of the time)

  • On Thanksgiving Day we will be doing the Harry Potter Studio Tour (frankly that's better than just doing "The Wizard World of Harry Potter" at Universal Studios)

  • Okay, one of the two days in Paris (in fact the last day of the whole trip; we're flying out the next day) we will be spending at EuroDisney- sorry, Disneyland Paris/Parc Disneyland

  • On a somewhat less bright note, I'll be flying for the first time since 2009, something I'm really nervous about both because of TSA rule changes since then and because I never particularly liked flying anyway. But it's not like I really have a choice- no time for a trans-Atlantic cruise. At least we're going from London to Paris by train.

  • Internet access will be minimal if at all, but I'm still bringing my laptop (tempermental as it's been lately) so I can at least take notes and such

So, yeah, in the event I don't get anything else posted this month... well, not only might this serve as this month's post, it would also explain why. No, the irony of traveling to/being in England (the week of) Thanksgiving is not lost on me.