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I'm back... again

I have, indeed, returned to the States. As I said on That Other Site, I'm still not used to waking up in my own bed again, and when I do I still wonder what sights I'll be seeing that day.

In any case, while I will be posting pictures and writing all about my recent journeys abroad, that it was varying amounts of cold and windy every single day of the trip and it's been rather cold at home has me wanting to think about somewhere warmer. On that note, yes, I will get back to documenting last year's big adventure, then will immediately start on this year's, then write the also-earlier promised convention stories, and post the fandom rants last. Somewhere in all that I will get the sister blog I mentioned a while back going.

Until then, rather than write up another recap post, I'll just leave this link to the one I already posted recently.